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Reaching Net Zero and Becoming Carbon Neutral

In the race to take action against climate change a lot of terms are thrown around – “net zero”, “carbon neutral”, “carbon negative”. But what do they even mean? We unpack some of these terms and ask the question – what can humans actually do to reverse the negative impact on the environment?

Featuring: Assoc Professor Kerrie Foxwell-Norton from Griffith University and YouTuber Julian O’Shea who break down the concepts and help us understand what’s behind the language, and how you can take action.


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Dark Web

The case of child sexual abuse material online and crime script analysis

Child Sexual Abuse Material traditionally child pornography, is an old problem that has been amplified to an alarming extent via new technologies. Its scale and impact makes it difficult to address, but crime script analysis, is emerging as a pragmatic tool to help investigators understand perpetrators and to prevent crimes from happening in the first place.

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Tiny House

Australia’s big interest in tiny houses

Despite early forecasts of a COVID-19-driven slump, house prices are now surging in many parts of Australia. This is further widening the gap between the housing “haves” and “have-nots”, and we are seeing related rises in housing stress, rental insecurity and homelessness. In Australia and elsewhere a movement has emerged that supports tiny house living as an important response to the housing affordability crisis.

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Warrumbungle Ranges, Coonabarabran

Leaving Coonabarabran

Susan Harris Rimmer on her home town Coonabarabran, she asks “will we look back on those families who gave up on Coona as part of the first waves of forced relocation that will happen due to climate change in Australia? Do people realise climate mobility issues are already happening?

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