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The Voice to Parliament

Griffith University has a world-class network of researchers in public law, government, Federal politics, First Peoples Health and education who can provide diverse and authoritative insights into the Voice to Parliament referendum.

As one of Australia’s leading research universities, with longstanding and meaningful engagements with the First Peoples of the lands our campuses are built on, we can uniquely educate our community on the social and political issues of this historic moment.

In our view, universities have an important role to play in promoting robust and respectful debate on complex issues with challenging conversations, informed opinions and commentary that corrects misinformation.


Our experts

Marcus Waters

Voice of hope and reason

As the movement toward an Indigenous voice in parliament builds from strategic Indigenous structural powerlessness, logical questions arise from the act of joining proposed by the Uluru Statement.

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Yes, No
Dr Kate Galloway

The Referendum Involves a Single Threshold Question

The upcoming referendum in Australia requires voters to choose between a yes or no response to a single question: “Do you agree that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should have a say in matters that particularly affect them?” There is no other option, and voters have no opportunity to alter or accept the proposal in part says Dr Kate Galloway..

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Dr Shelley Bielefeld

Explaining the Constitutional Reforms

Griffith Law School’s Dr Shelley Bielefeld discusses social justice, unjust law and policies, as well as the need for The Voice to Parliament to be robust to make a substantial contribution.

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