Ideas for a brighter future for all

About Enlighten

Since our founding almost 50 years ago, Griffith has had social and environmental causes at heart. We believe in creating impact for individuals, families, communities and society at large. Griffith is constantly producing a wealth of world-class work, with over 20 research centres and institutes collaborating to address the key challenges of our time.  

With so much happening across the University, we wanted to create a place specifically to illuminate some of our most innovative and inquisitive ideas. We also think that education, and the knowledge it generates, should be for everyone. 

Enter Enlighten 

A multi-disciplinary, multimedia story hub, Enlighten provides a platform to elevate our world-changing work—especially that which doesn’t always get the exposure it deserves elsewhere. It’s a place to share our ideas with as many people as possible by publishing accessible, engaging articles, videos, podcasts and other content to explore the issues that really matter. 

Enlighten is helping us create a brighter future—and that starts with creating a brighter today. 

Making Media

The Griffith community boasts a wealth of thought leaders who can provide insight, knowledge and ideas on topical issues of interest to a broad audience. To date, this knowledge has been shared across multiple platforms, including Griffith Review, Integrity 20, The Machinery of Government blog, pieces in The Conversation, and ad-hoc sector opinion editorials in various local and national media outlets. 

A new web platform, Enlighten, has been created to provide a structured approach to the planning, commissioning, dissemination, and amplification of thought leadership content, regardless of discipline.

There is additional information about Enlighten, its editorial board and guidelines available to Griffith staff members.

If you have ideas for submissions or questions about Enlighten, please contact Julie Blakey on [email protected]  


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