Ideas for a brighter future for all

A Better Future for All

A series of critical conversations focusing on current issues and unlocking knowledge from influential thinkers

Time to do time for a fairer future?

Professor Susan Harris Rimmer contemplates the charges against a group of Queenslanders who protested against coal and gas in the parliament and were charged with disturbing the legislature, which carries a three-year jail sentence. She questions if getting arrested is the only meaningful way to achieve intergenerational justice.

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The false promises of the “15 Minute City”

Griffith University’s award-winning urban planner, Dr Tony Matthews, applies his professional insights to the the “15 Minute City”. The 15 minute city concept is designed to ensure that most daily necessities are close by our homes and purports to return residents to a more local way of living but will fail to realise its promise for a broad section of the community.

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Overworked Nurse

Combatting placement poverty

Many Australian students are struggling with the rising cost of living and are taking on additional paid work while studying. Some students, especially those in health-related fields like nursing and midwifery, are facing “placement poverty” due to extensive unpaid placement hours. This financial burden can lead to students dropping out of their courses or deferring their studies. Addressing placement poverty is crucial to ensure a strong and diverse healthcare workforce in the future.

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Oration 2

Brighter Future for All Oration: The Perfectibility of Opportunity

As a civic institution, Griffith University is committed to deep engagement with our local communities and unlocking knowledge and foresight from influential thinkers and leaders.
On 4 October 2023, we proudly presented the inaugural Brighter Future for All Oration at Brisbane City Hall with The Honorable Dr Jim Chalmers MP, Treasurer of Australia and one of our most distinguished alumni.

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Lessons from the Optus outage for remote Australia

A nationwide Optus network outage severely affected Australia and caused chaos for 10 million customers. Yet, its impact on remote regions received little attention. These areas face routine telecommunications interruptions and the outage highlighted the unequal access to reliable services, forcing remote communities to invest in redundant connections, unfairly burdening vulnerable groups. An upcoming Senate enquiry and reviews present a chance to address these disparities and hold telcos accountable for providing essential and reliable services, especially in remote Australia. The need for a new, equitable approach to telecommunications development is evident, as the country navigates the potential of emerging technologies while ensuring sovereignty over critical infrastructure.

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World Teachers Day

Hats off to teachers

In Australia, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 27th. Teachers inspire learning, foster understanding, and promote social contributions. They leave lasting impressions on students’ lives. Griffith University emphasises diverse education fields, including STEM, well-being, and inclusive education, needed to prepare teachers for the complex, evolving classroom. Recognising their significance and expressing gratitude is crucial. Happy World Teachers’ Day!

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Chatting about ChatGPT

The release of the currently free to use chatbot ChatGTP in late November 2022 put the capabilities of large language models (LLMs) into the hands of mere mortals. For educators, the release of ChatGTP put AI firmly on the education agenda; it’s the noisy canary in the AI coal mine. In this article, Professor Leonie Rowan and Professor Chris Bigum discuss familiar tensions in education around new technological developments and encourage other educators to remain curious and give careful consideration to this tools value to students.

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Gravy Day

Why do Australians celebrate “Gravy Day”?

You may have had gravy, but do you know how to make it? Sure. Gravy. Tasty. But what’s it got to do with Christmas? And why is it so significant that we now have Gravy Day? It all starts with Paul Kelly’s 1996 song, “How to Make Gravy”. Dr Ben Green explains.

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Chemist checklist

Avoid stigmatising patients who seek emergency contraception

Emergency contraception, often called the ‘morning after’ pill, is used by individuals to prevent unintended pregnancy. Pharmacists play a crucial role in providing this medication. The timeliness and professionalism of their services are vital, as these medications have limited effectiveness windows. However, the use of intrusive checklists to gather information has been discouraged since 2022, as it can hinder patient care and sensitivity says Griffith University’s Denise Hope.

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Blood collection tubes Group A Streptococcus(strep A)

What is Strep A, and why do we need a vaccine?

Strep A (Streptococcus pyogenes) is a major cause of infection-related deaths, leading to over 500,000 fatalities annually. Developing countries, Indigenous populations, and vulnerable groups face the greatest risks. A potential vaccine, developed by Professor Michael Good’s team at Griffith University, is undergoing human trials and shows promise in fighting multiple Strep A strains.

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