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The false promises of the “15 Minute City”

Griffith University’s award-winning urban planner, Dr Tony Matthews, applies his professional insights to the the “15 Minute City”. The 15 minute city concept is designed to ensure that most daily necessities are close by our homes and purports to return residents to a more local way of living but will fail to realise its promise for a broad section of the community.

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Lake McKenzie

Queensland’s top five ecotourism destinations

The global COVID-19 pandemic brought the Queensland tourism industry to a near standstill. Mandatory lockdowns and border restrictions impacted where and how we could travel to. Queenslanders responded by taking breaks closer to home, embracing ecotourism and rediscovered the states national parks delivering a much-needed boost to a crucial industry. Here are Queenslanders 5 favourite post lockdown getaways.

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Pacific Islands

Why Australia needs to partner with the Pacific to fight climate change

Senator Penny Wong, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, has been actively engaging with Pacific Island countries to address climate change, which is seen as the greatest threat to the region. However, doubts remain about whether this engagement can be sustained and deepened to strengthen relationships. Australia’s bid to co-host the UN climate conference, COP31, with the Pacific is an opportunity to enhance its international reputation and demonstrate a commitment to climate action. Australia’s engagement in the Pacific needs to extend beyond climate and security issues and focus on understanding the region and fostering a genuine partnership.

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Australia’s minimum wage and inflationary pressures

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has implemented a series of twelve interest rate hikes since April 2022 in an attempt to curb high inflation. Australia’s Fair Work Commission has also announced an increase in the National Minimum Wage to $23.23 per hour in part, to assist minimum wage workers with cost of living pressures. Griffith Business School Industry Fellow Will Banks looks at both minimum wage increase and interest rate hikes and their impact on Australia’s longer term economic well-being.

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Professor Michael Petraglia with skull

Unearthing humanity’s origin story

Professor Michael Petraglia has always been drawn to the distant past. Growing up, he pored over copies of National Geographic and books about Ancient Egypt that his family – particularly his older sister – would gift him every Christmas. So it seems only natural that he would pursue a career in archaeology that’s taken him around the world, from teaching at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK to directing field projects in Africa and Asia that have reframed our understanding of ancient human migration. Professor Petraglia, now the Director of Griffith University’s Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution (ARCHE), and he talked to Griffith Review Editor Carody Culver about the origin story of our species – which, like humanity itself, is constantly evolving. This is an excerpt.

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Gravy Day

Why do Australians celebrate “Gravy Day”?

You may have had gravy, but do you know how to make it? Sure. Gravy. Tasty. But what’s it got to do with Christmas? And why is it so significant that we now have Gravy Day? It all starts with Paul Kelly’s 1996 song, “How to Make Gravy”. Dr Ben Green explains.

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Addressing coercive control

Griffith University stands firm in its commitment to reduce harm and build a better future for all with several key initiatives aimed at preventing violence and facilitating peaceful, just, and equitable communities.

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